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The short url library is a C# (.NET 3.5) library designed to help the user create short URLs. In its current implementation, the library will allow you to create short URLs with and


The purpose of the library is to aid in the development of the site Crazy Cancer Tour, which was created 8/4/2009 and will go live during the week of 8/10/2009. The site will include developer oriented blogs and videos showing topics like:
  • How to create a decent looking website for the non-designer
  • Encoding videos for the web using Expression Encoder 3
  • Creating a header graphic for a site
  • Adding a CSS Template to an ASP.NET website
  • Creating a url shortening library (this project)
  • Creating tweet on blog functionality
  • Creating a handler to post to multiple blogs using MetaWebLog API (Live Writer)
  • More ideas to come


You will have to sign up for an API key on the following APIs.
======================================= -

The following APIs can be used without a key (as of 8/10/2009)

Early beta status. TinyUrl and BitLy implementations set up. Only the positive path has been followed to date.

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